derteil skriver til DR

Pardon my inability to write my comment in Danish, however rest assured that when I watch DR programmes, I can understand them.

I’d like to point out that 21 Soendag’s report on the Canadian oil sands did not meet DR Nyheder’s editorial standards as it did not provide equal airtime to people in favour of oil exploitation in the region.

I could go on arguing that oil exploitation has brought to the province (and to Canada) unprecedented prosperity and that as long as the money will flow, we will accept the pollution and cancers but this won’t be the main point of my comment.

One wouldn’t be surprised to find the same problems happening in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Russia. The major difference is, DR is now allowed go investigate the negative consequences of the oil industry in these countries. Therefore, shall we consider the West to be a victim of its own freedoms?

Similarly, the Canadian oil production will allow democratic countries to reduce their dependence on oil produced by dictatorships and authoritarian states. Without oil money, Iran would not be able to afford all the repressive equipment its police forces are using on protesters right now.

Once again, I state that I am not denying the dark side of the Canadian oil industry. Just that it must, as everything else, be reported in an impartial manner.

Article dans le National Geographic danois

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